It's been two years since the Dream Team broke up. Every chapter contains smut/porn and maybe fluff and/or angst. All chapters have titles which are kind-of describing what that chapter is about, so each chapter is different. It was strange to have George so close, to walk right beside him without a weapon in his hand or mask covering his facebecause Dream should hurt him without thinking or feeling remorse. "F-Fuck, s-so c-close." It was something he had buried alongside his mother, pushed beneath the dirt on her grave and the flowers set on top; or the soldiers hed cut down on the battlefield, whose blood still clung to the handle of his axe like a reminder of his own cruelty. "C-Clay I-I" the brunet stuttered as he knew there was no way out of it, the blond narrowing his eyes at the boy; his usual bright green eyes now turning dark as his pupils got larger, his face stern. Simon Curtis laser guns up hit me different today. 10. George looked absolutely destroyed; tear stained cheeks and glossy eyes, his lips swollen and bleeding a bit from how much he bit them, chocolatey hair stuck to the sweat on his forehead and his neck was red with a thick line across it from where the collar had been. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. 11. (LIME) This book is a very OLD book. 15 Minutes Only a pellet of metal inside an otherwise empty chamber. The blond clumsily reached for the box on the side table, grabbing a clear bottle from it and bringing it to them; he coated two of his fingers in the substance, immediately pushing one in and then another. 18. Welcome to the Wattpad version of my Ao3 Kinktober-shots! Stay After Class as well as He came back to George, quickly slipping a shirt, boxers and sweatpants onto himself before helping George into his own comfy outfit; giving the brunet one of his hoodies to get cozy. He moved some things around before settling on something they both enjoyed; it was a new toy that was meant to be a surprise for George but what better time to use it than now. George's body trembled as Clay groaned, his hips pressed against George's plump ass; one of his hands on the boy's hip for support to keep it in the air, the other was up with the leash wrapped around his fist, pulling on it slightly. Catharsis, or something close to it. 27 parts Complete . "O-Ok" The taller smirked at the response, he reached a free hand to the object still inside George; pressing a small button as it began buzzing inside the brunet, "Good; now count.". While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. George licked his lips swallowing down his smile, bringing his bottom lip in and biting it in anticipation. The taller pulled him in closer, "Then next time, you get nothing for a whole week; don't even get to watch me by myself." Dreams hands were dangerously close to his semi-hard dick. What feels like a blink of an eye, is our whole story together. George nodded, gritting his teeth as the pleasure only continued to build; "Y-Yes!" Late Night Dancer His finger found the trigger again, bracing himself to shoot. 9. George squirmed and bucked his hips into Dreams hand trying his damnedest to be quiet. So I'm all good, just a free write of the mind :), George tries to hide his pride flag when his friends come over as he hasn't come out yet but some things cant stay in the closet forever. Neon City He grabbed it out, feeling along the object that was wrapped in smooth black leather; a lime green ribbon wrapped around the base in a bow. "D-Don't stop, d-don't stop!" his voice was deep, George whimpering at it; it was firm with authority and made his legs weak. dreamnotfound; Top Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Bottom GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF) . The taller shifted the bags in his other arm, looking down to the brunet who straightened up; seeing as it looked like he needed help and George was more than happy to comply. Read the most popular dreamnotfoundsmutshots stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD , corpse husband. Please consider turning it on! As he turned it, he could hear some footsteps from upstairs; feet running down the steps to get to the living room. Without alphas. A lone bullet that begged for bloodshed, and Dream insisted he would let it rip into his cortex. Georges stillness indicated that he wasnt going to protest either. This is an AU inspired by Dream's Manhunt seriesentirely prewritten and updating every Saturday. 56 parts. 16. George whimpered, looking forward to the wall; unable to see what Clay was doing behind him. I Hate You Too The taller reached to the box on his nightstand, grabbing out a long, thick blue ribbon. "I asked because I'm, you know. Ongoing. The two boys giggled at their own stupidness as George sat down infront of Clay. He was destined to die alone, survivors guilt weighing him down like the world on Atlas shoulders. Little Black Box ", "I won't, I won't!" This wasnt usually the style laser tag was played in, but Dream didnt seemed worried about that. A quiet string of moans came from Georges mouth before Dream pushed the gun against Georges back roughly. George is an amazing guitarist and singer. Giving a small gasp, George quietly cussed under his breath letting out a sigh. Please consider turning it on! Thats the thing about Dream, he has this presence that makes George feel instantly at ease. Ill see you in the lobby, Georgey. Dream spun on his heels, turning and walking out of sight, to the exit door and out into the lobby. Ongoing. "Good boy.". Out of his depth amongst the urban mishmash and deep within enemy territory, he finds an unexpected ally in a group of bed-breakers calling themselves Nolife. He felt Dreams hand snake down into his boxers, his thumb rubbing back and forth against his hip bone, a constant rhythm. He was so focused he couldnt hear the footsteps approaching behind him. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. George shakily nodded, "Y-Yes. Clay took out a folded black leash, letting it unravel as he brought the end to George's neck; clasping in the ring and wrapping his fist around the other end of the 'rope'. The sky grew dark and cloudy as the beginnings of a storm took place. 7. DreamNotFound Smutshots by DreamNotFoundFan Fandoms: Minecraft (Video Game) . Clay groaned, biting his lip as he felt George tighten around him; the heat in his stomach was let out as he thrusted one last time, burying his pulsing member inside George as he filled the boy with his hot cum; throwing his head back as he moaned lowly. George nodded up to him with an excited smile, "Ok, I'll get everything unpacked." 26. Chapter Text. George moaned loudly, able to feel a heat pooling in his stomach as he was fucked roughly and jerked off at the same pace. 8 parts. He looked down, rubbing the cold liquid on his hard length; the pleasure was electrifying, especially with George positioned like he was right now; he could get off just to the sight of the boy right now if he wanted. 24. Or, Dream and George are two inlove idiots who refuses to tell each other about their feelings. 45 parts. . The taller lowly cleared his throat, the brunet turning around a lighting up at the sight of him. Mature (nsfw) my dnf oneshots, reuploaded from ao3 (old book had 1.3M reads) - DNF SMUT - 48 parts Ongoing Mature. Roomates as well as An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works . From there he meets Dream, the successful masked owner of XD Records, and an instant chemistry develops between them. 22. Un tas de sentiments le traversaient. More Than Sweet Dreams "You were already stretched earlier, right?" George let out an adorable yawn, Clay smiling; he moved the boy to a desk chair nearby, grabbing some boxers, sweats, t-shirts and a hoodie. Ongoing. George moaned out quietly as Dream continued to stroke his dick. Fine, how about I do this instead huh? the words came out slow, but fast enough that George couldnt comprehend them until his cold hand was already gripping Georges dick slowly starting to pump his hand. "You were bad George, you lied." "Fine but I'm gonna start getting you some softer ones to wear around the house, too. Clay let up on the hold a bit more, leaning against the boy so his thrusts went even deeper; George moaning out. aka: George is forced to live with Dream and they slowly become friends ;), I understand. Dreams arms slowly found the wall beside Georges head, he leaned in his lips beside Georges ear. He looked up, seeing George's body trembling slightly. In the late nights of Squid Craft, Dream and George finally talk to each other. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). George let out a breathy sigh as he heard the tallers raspy voice next to his ear and a hand running along his hip. In many places the choosing has been made illegal, but in Florida and some other states it's still thriving. George smiled, giggling a bit. The blond looked up, ready to give a remark to put the boy back in his place when he noticed the collar still around George's neck and the forgotten leash lazily sitting attached, next to him. He turned away from the sink momentarily as he hastily dried them off, turning back and staring for a moment before grabbing the object. requests open lmaoo bad grammar. It's all smut oneshots on dreamnotfound, they have said their cool with it and these are fun lol. 42 parts. Flashing. I've read a lot of other peoples smut books here too and that's how I got the idea to start writing myself, so if you find similar words or themes, just hit me up and tell me; let me know you think I may have copied instead of just being like "OH MUH GAUD, AUTHOR COPIED THIS PERSON" just let me know and i'll take a look. Clay opened it, rummaging around quickly while loudly moving around the contents. DreamNotFound is the slash ship between Dream and GeorgeNotFound from the Dream SMP fandom. "Uhm I-I w-well" the blond pulled at the collar a bit more, bringing him closer. read the title. He usually doesn't get noticed, not that he tries to. Dream got the memo and quickened his pace. George bit his lip to keep from moaning, but the cold hand pumping his dick was almost too much for him to stay silent. a story in which a stone cold heart learns to love again. left kudos on this work! Mature. Clay looked back to George who was tiredly watching him with a smile; he walked up to the boy, picking him up carefully, knowing he was sore and walking back to the bed. Summary: . "You doing ok baby?" Not long after, a green lit shone on the wall accompanying his own dark blue lights. "Hello George." "Fine, be that way.". Yeah, that's what it is. In which I take two of my most favorite things and smash them together. dreamnotfound smutshots ao3489 army dr, barrigada, gu 96913489 army dr, barrigada, gu 96913 21. George shivered at the thought, yeah he wouldn't be able to last. 8. Published: 2021-02-21 Updated: 2021-08-05 Words: 181885 Chapters: 29/? Work Search: Please consider turning it on! "You want it baby?" The pad of his finger gently placed against the plastic groove. Georges movements slowed as Dreams speeded up. GeorgeNotFound pushes Dream away, but Sapnap helps them talk. The taller awed, George always loved to greet him when he got back; he appreciated it too. Clay noticed the small vibrator still inside George, reaching for it and taking it out; momentarily pressing it against the boy's prostate before it was removed completely. George took a moment before swallowing hard. Maybe it didn't matter.They would care, very much so, but the problem was that they didn't know. Ongoing. 38 parts. TikTok video from . Clay smiled, so good for me, he thought while bringing the other bags next to where George set his. The tallers groans became louder as his thrusts got sloppier, "S-Such a slut, wanna cum don't you?" 2. Clay smirked as he reached forward, turning the front of the collar so the ring was in the back; grabbing the leash in one of his hands. 26. He looked at the skin, making sure they were hurt; they weren't, just a bit red from being tight and George squirming. Tags. Their dynamic has always been like that: A push and pull; a safe space. 11. or, dnf and the love language of quality time. Until now, he had no reason to tell George, but now things are changing. I don't give two shits about hate. Locked Up Ils taient. Yet even though it hurt, he couldn't help but want more; the excitement running through his body, the slight tremble he had; underneath Clay's finger on his hip that was rubbing soothing circles. Just no more misbehaving while I'm away; that was the point of the punishment." Once George stepped fully into the room, the door was quickly shut behind him; the smaller gasping when Clay was suddenly pressed up against his back, tugging on the collar from the back and placing a hand on his waist. George shuddered, though he didnt protest to Dreams advances. ", only focusing on the other's touch. Aside being famous for the Hero Committee, an organization to fight back against crime in the city and so many unexpected and downright supernatural things happened over the years, including, but not limited to:-having monster attacks on a near daily basis do to a supposed "tare in dimensions"-the so called "Night of the Dead", an event that happens every fifty years where spirits at peace get to visit earth for 12 hours-a possible crime ring in the city. When the guy shows up on his doorstep asking for a job, the two of them talk about what went wrong with their relationship. Yup, the object was missing from the box and yet here it was, in Clay's hand. Maybe they wouldn't care, anyway. F44_9, StrawberryShortcvke, nyanbread, LoggyAshlyRD, Akumaby, chelseaalolz, Nest_Avadavat, Alphalaudje, Theoneintheair, lise2202, romancefangirl, mellow5hfr3, youreverydaytransboi, Idropkickorphansforfree, Yamyumye, f1nleywasfound, Chloenotfoundxd, Caatnipp, 1pxmpkxn1, Robbie_609, freakinthecorner, chezzza, Vzrivokiller, xiaomi_kaeyan, Sadstarchild40, Fenix753, Kikithebeast77, eGFcmUAX1, Cyinthia, Noah_nooa, kristenbowman, British_person, Tuubboat, Galaxy_Snow, Kilmon, Isabella_Magnolia, i_read_too_much_shit, Avocado_cookie, bee_go_buzz, Melina_Br, breme_lexis, ThatSly_Jaymer, Paytonalamo, bossman_smiley, azul091805, dreamspphole, SharingisntKaren, cybersaori, PillowKnight, Maybehelp, and 466 more users "Mng-." 14. ATTENTION::: i am in no way shipping them irl, only their online personas bc i love the dynamic ^^, tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF), Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF), GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF). Late Night Dancer If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. He leaned back into it. dreamnotfoundsmut dnfsmut dreamnotfound dnf georgenotfound dream dreamwastaken george dsmp dreamsmp sapnap smutshots gream gnf mcyt gay fanfiction 37 Stories Sort by: Hot But when Dream starts to have panic attacks for a mysterious reason that he keeps hidden from George, he wonders if this is the end of their long friendship. Welcome to the Wattpad version of my Ao3 Kinktober-shots! i'm gonna write some one shots, this includes smut, angst, fluff, and random storie. Hit me up with any recommendations or ideas and uh have fun lol :P There will be warnings for anything that . Shower Secrets Needy They begin to fall in love, but not every story has a happy ending. 13. Since you lied to me, touched yourself without me there and did it without permission. Please consider turning it on! Clay growled as he grabbed the small object from his pocket, holding it up with two fingers near both their heads; George looked at it and widening his eyes even more before tearily looking at the blond in front of him, holding Clay's arm that was hooked on his collar. Under the Rain An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works . where two faceless and unique voiced people are ridiculously clueless. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works . Birthday Boy Clay took it he was ready, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in; George crying out at the sudden movement. It was cute. im sorry im sorry im sorry heres 52 gallons of holy water please drink it don't read if you don't like it i do not ship these people irl, just their potray. -Language Warning -I won't use any real names, just because I'm. Eventually George's body seemed to relax a bit under his touch, the smaller whining in need as he tried pushing himself back further onto the other. George looked up with lustfully dark eyes, his tongue lolled out of his mouth with the blonds precum pooled on it before he swallowed. Work Search: Relying on the memory of a whirlwind first love (and unhealed heartbreak) five years ago, George uses his pain to create an overnight hit that shoots them both into the limelight. Longish strands of wavy blond hair fell lightly over his forehead, he might need a haircut soon but he kinda liked how it made it easier for George to pull on t-. 16. before tossing the keys from his pocket to the counter and heading off to the bathroom. George let out moans with each thrust from the other, gasping when the restraint around his neck was tugged on; arousing him further. corpse husband x fem!oc [ st. DNF Oneshots. "But I'm ok, it felt really good.". Around the edges of the long object, it was stitched with thick sky blue thread; in the middle, a heart was cut out. 37 parts. 23. Disclaimer: The characters mentioned are not the content creators themselves, only their Minecraft personas. George bit his swollen lip, looking up and nodding eagerly. The taller groaned as he felt his own release nearing; "Y-You wanna be a g-good boy for me r-right baby?" Discover short videos related to dreamnotfound fanfic shots on TikTok. Dream has no control over his empathy, and is struggling to live a normal life. please read that first :) hayden jones has been through a lot. It's all smut oneshots on dreamnotfound, they have said their cool with it and these are fun lol. Punishment His heart tugged at the thought, swinging the door open and stepping into the house. "e j ay e dd." // Dp oneo - Mine. "O-One!" His grip tightened, straightening his posture. And, despite knowing better, Dream let him. DreamNotFound Smutshots DreamNotFoundFan. Hi :) I used to post all my oneshots on Wattpad but as you can see, it was a bitch and deleted my book so now I shall post there and here as well. I felt my orgasm come and I sprayed cum all over my stomach, Clay kept fucking up my ass, hard thrusts until I felt a warm substance in my insides. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). I was heavily breathing and whimpering. He despises his condition. 22. "Sorry about your neck by the way." Ive been in second place, despite the few times Sapnap overtook me. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. left kudos on this work! The smaller could feel himself leaking precum down the blonds hand, Clay himself leaned near George's ear. 28. "F-Fuck!" It's George's last choosing, and he's ready to get it over with and start his life for real. He sighs as he walks down the stairs, hoping that the son of his boss, Sir James Davidson, the owner of the Country Club and all of the land that the golf course is on, went home already as well. The paddle rubbed over the spot it hit, giving George a moment to regain his breath before his breathing quickly became shaky again, pleasure going off inside him. As the light got brighter, George aimed all of his focus on the light watching it comecloser. The taller groaned, "L-Look at you begging; g-good boy.". He meets someone new, who sounds strangely fam Clay pursed his lips as he snatched a black leash from it, closing the container and setting it on the nightstand; knowing he was going to need it soon. Clay rummaged in the pocket of his jeans, looking for the set of keys to open the door in front of him. Bad Boy "Whatever makes you happy.". There will be Content Warnings/Trigger Warnings in the notes if there's usage of alcohol and/or drugs and/or violence. Or, Ranboo is a nepotism baby with an estranged relationship to his father, Dream. Confusion, curiosit, et doute. 12 parts. His newest friend seems to feel the same way. He is forced to make new friends and soon forgets about him. Clay continued delicately brushing his nose against George's neck while running his hands against George's stomach; grinding slightly against the smaller while waiting for an answer. George squeezed his eyes shut, moaning around the length as it continued to hit the back of his throat, tears falling down his face once again. Mature. 8. He knew George was only stretched for the toy earlier and this was a big adjustment, so he waited; massaging where he spanked the boy to soothe the skin, while still keeping a small pull on George's collar. "Could you help me with these baby?" He didnt bother to give George more of a response, focused on his mission. 7. George gasped at the coldness, the fingers proding around inside him for only a moment before they were gone. Fic inspired by A Decent Cup of Tea by Frank Turner. George gulped, looking at the small object as small memories of what he did earlier flooded his head. Hi Dream. He spoke back, trying his best to sound prideful and snarky. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Dreamnotfound smutshots Marsz. Work Search: he approached Clay, "What do you wanna do for dinner? My Musician DreamNotFound. dnf kid fics tbh. Footsteps echoed through the hall as he noticed the orange lights of another player illuminating from the opposing end. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Home Early The smaller cried out, gripping the sheets near his head as his body jolted forward; being held in place with the hand on his hip. For now these are just gonna be random and I'll focus more on my other book but this is mainly a way for me to write out my mental health. Sapnap and George had been competing for second place the entire game. Watch popular content from the . He returned to the brunet, grabbing out some wipes and cleaning them both off; making sure to be gentle where he was sensitive. George gasped as his chest remained pressed against the bed but his ass was lifted in the air; Clay spread the boy's legs apart to get an even better view. New Years BCFI As an apex body on behalf of WFCIB into India & for Indians living world over for conducting & planning competitive & friendly tournaments within India or outside of the country along-with Schools, Colleges, Universities and States through affiliated Organisations on an amateur basis for all age divisions & categories. His own laser gun still in his hand. He groaned, gripping the smallers hair a bit tighter as he began fucking George's mouth; letting out deep moans of pleasure. "Were you a good boy while I was gone?" The blonde ran one of his hands down Georges body, finding his waist and tapping his fingers against it. He straightened one of his arms, holding the gun out. But maybe Dream isn't so bad, maybe the alpha has an ace up his sleeve. He was about to speak when he moved his arms and felt something under the comforter; reaching between the sheets and the fluffy blanket and pulling out the paddle Clay had used. Clay however waited a minute; he knew George liked the pain and stretch but he also knew George sometimes wouldn't give himself limits; only regretting pushing himself later. 28. 17. George let out a somewhat sigh of relief, catching his breath and rubbing at his sore neck; the blond turning him over so he was on his back. His index finger of his left hand hovered over the trigger. "Y-Yes!" Clay retracted the object once more, bringing it back down on the same spot as George cried out once again. 25. I'm Working Clay moved his hand quickly on the boy's member until he stopped, still snapping his hips into the boy but holding his hand at the base of George's throbbing member. But for Dream's 50 million subscriber special, he asks Sapnap and George to collab one more time. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. his voice was scratchy, Clay chuckling a bit. George's cheeks seemed to tint red a bit, "Y-Yes." Please consider turning it on! The blond groaned lowly, beginning to roughly thrust into the eager boy below him; both of their minds clouded with lust as pants and moans filled the room. He furrowed his eyebrows, trying to balance the grocery bags in one arm while checking each of his pockets. George's eyes were dark and glossy, tear stained cheeks as he gave a shaky smile to the taller. Chores "T-Two!" "W-What if that's what I want?" George's moans were shaky, his hands in fists behind his back. He squirmed trying to get more friction against his dick as the familiar knot in his stomach started to form and twist. Log In. It was strictly Dnf around 3 years ago, but now uploads have slowed and this book isn't very used anymore. "Clay, we've talked about this; it's ok, I like the collars and the leash. He looked down at the smaller, cupping the boys chin and tilting his head so he could look up. Punishment The taller moved, heading to the nightstand and grabbing out a pack of baby wipes (yuz). Dreamnotfound/DNF smutshots. Hit me up with any recommendations or ideas and uh have fun lol :P There will be warnings for anything that could be triggering at the beginning of the story as well as the word count and more random shit. The FEW times. George couldnt turn to fully see Dreams actions, so he had to use his imagination to get an idea of what was going on. It wasn't long though before the other returned, Clay came back to the smaller; looking at the boy's lip, he grabbed some neosporin and put it on the cut, George wincing a bit before some chapstick was put on the rest of his lips. Yet with all that; George gave a tired smile to the blond; Clay sighing in relief, leaning down and pecking a gentle kiss to the boy's lips. He brought the paddle back one last time, slapping the tender and red skin as George moaned loudly. Be quiet George, we wouldnt want to get caught, would we? Dreams words were harsh, his tone teasing, yet serious. Though George didnt notice, his brain was too clouded by lust and pleasure to really notice anything. "Watch it, don't wanna have to punish you again. Or, that fic where Techno and Phil are old immortals, and Tommy and Wilbur are decidedly not. George and Dream play laser tag. Ce fut, aprs un long moment penser que George avait prit la parole, un sourcil hauss. 4. There wasnt even an accompanying bullet so George could shoot himself afterwards and free himself from the shackled misery of the capitalistic games. mostly) and no way to tell anyone that whatever Night had done wasn't him. Just a bunch of dnf smut (one shots)@cynthianotfound on wattpad, all credit to herREAD ALL TAGS PLEASEalso read beginning notes on first chapter :) thanks, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF). Ever since he was born, hes been able to read the emotions of those around him- an incredibly rare side affect of ADHD. The river of light circled the gun, running down in a falling pattern. Dream smirked a bit, picking up on the attempted seriousness in his tone. ", They each laughed as he put it in the box before returning to George's neck. You know the entire thing about them being comfortable about this and taking it down if they want i. dnf smut + fluff. 19. I didnt hunt them down, though.. it happened every time yet Clay still felt slightly guilty seeing the harsh marks afterwards. George had worked hard to snatch his spot in second place, but Dream had worked harder winning the game by a land slide. 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Clay gave off an intimidating demeanor to George right now, especially since he knew he was in for it; after having lied and been bad while the other was away. He kept his back pressed against the wall. The hand rested against the wall, picked his gun back up from the cord, sweeping it up from its absent-minded hovering over the black floor. Curious.". George shakily nodded, yeah he was stretched from the toy not stretched enough for the others packing length; both of them knew that, yet they both seemed to want it badly enough. George giggled, turning it over in his hands. The taller let out a groan, throwing his head back before looking down at the boy; running his fingers through the soft brown locks while George licked his tongue along the slit, humming as it sent waves of pleasure through Clay.